tfttf412 Photoday 2009 – Panoramic Photography with Ron Pepper – Part 1 of 3

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In this episodes Ron Pepper brings you tips and information on panoramic photography.

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tfttf133 – Panorama Party

Ready for some super wide panorama action? Get more out of your panoramic pictures and find out on today’s show what to watch out for! Also on today’s show: a special message from Release Pixie Ravsitar.

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(Idea for panorama image blatantly stolen from “Logo Masta” Andres. Thanks man for a really good panorama picture idea!)

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  • Autostitch (free automatic panorama stitching software)
  • Check out TFTTF Show #42 for an interview with professional panorama photographer Ron Pepper

tftf42 – Interview: Panoramic Photography

It’s interview time again. Today I have Ron Pepper on the show, he is a professional panorama photographer from San Francisco, California, and he will let us in on a few of the pro’s secrets…

“San Francisco Panorama” by Ron Pepper
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