Chris live on TV on Friday, Jul/25 1pm PST

Picture by nahlinse

Mark your calendars! On Friday, July/25 at 1pm PST (that’s 9pm in UK, 10pm in Germany) Chris will drive up north of San Francisco to Petaluma and visit Leo Laporte. And you can watch live on Leo Laporte’s We’ll spend a couple of hours talking about all things photography, looking at gadgets and just have a fun time geeking out.

tfttf297 – Color Management – Monitor Calibration

Listener questions about depth of field, monitor calibration, a new poll about how you started photography, and hurry, only 2 shows left for you to send in your greetings for show 300!

Send your 300th show greetings (mp3, email) to [email protected] or leave a quick shout-out via voice mail at 206-202-3757 (in the US) or at +44-7005-805-742 (in the UK and elsewhere)!

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tfttf289 – Vacuum Sealed Hasselblads For Grabs – UK Voice Mail 07005-805-742


Find out where to find a free Hasselblad medium format camera (hint: pretty far away..), let’s look at how to shoot in manual mode, and please help out and donate to a fellow photographer and podcaster who was burgled.Show Links:


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