tftff500 – Effing 500

We did it! Five hundred episodes of Tips from the Top Floor. Actually YOU did it!! Why? Because without anyone listening to Tips from the Top Floor and appreciating it, the should would’ve vanished long ago, so thanks to every single one of you out there for being around and making it a pleasure for me to produce the show!

The first episode of TFTTF was recorded 5 years, 9 months and 8 days before this one. That boils down to about 1.6 episodes per week so far.

This is the unboxing of the “You Know What” – listen to the full episode below

Today Simon asks about composing pictures for a specific purpose, Robert wants to learn to see in monochrome, I was visited by fellow photography podcaster Paulo Sacramento and Dwight asks if it’s possible to go professional with an entry-level DSLR (hint: yes, it is)

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Stats from Ravsitar the Release Pixie:

  • Shows 1-500 total 12.3GB of data
  • Shows 1-500 total 149 hours 12 minutes and 16 seconds or 8952.2666667 minutes
  • The average show length for shows 1-500 is 17.9 minutes
  • Chris touches an electric fence once in shows 1-500
  • The Release Pixie has release approximately 390 episodes of TFTTF (most shows from 106)

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1 thought on “tftff500 – Effing 500”

  1. Just watched the video, was so pleased to glimpse our contribution as you flicked through the pages…

    I had lost track of time so it’s a few episodes past 500 today when I watch this!

    I still CHERISH the book some of you put together for me to celebrate 10 GTGs, so I can’t even begin to imagine how momentous this feels!


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