It all started with TFTTF episode 646: Your First Step On The Journey To Become A Better Photographer. Here’s a great way to help you become a better photographer: immerse yourself in photography by other photographers, in photographers’ stories and in stories about photography. Videos are a great way to get you started. Podcasts are too. Here’s a choice for you:

The Source of Creativity – TED Radio Hour (TFTTF 652)
War Photographer (TED Talk by James Nachtwey [warning: graphical violence], TFTTF 651)
One Lesson I Learned in Photography (PDF, TFTTF 650)
The President’s Photographer (TFTTF 649)
Dark side of the lens (recommended in TFTTF 648)
The Sartorialist (recommended in TFTTF 647)
A great day in Harlem (recommended in TFTTF 646)
Jason Bell Photo Shoot with Benedict Cumberbatch (TFTTF 671)
50 Portraits – Gregory Heisler (TFTTF 672)
Strange and Familiar: In Conversation – Bruce Gilden and Martin Parr

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