tfttf538 – Dropping The Big Camera And The Colors


Chris gave up on his big cameras for a weekend and put himself under the constraints of seriously shooting with an iPhone only. The outcome? Not too bad!

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4 thoughts on “tfttf538 – Dropping The Big Camera And The Colors”

  1. I would like to try give this a go!

    My biggest annoyance with the iphone is the lag from pressing the shutter to when the picture is taken. Do you have any idea for that? What iphone tools do you use on your camera?

  2. Not sure what you mean with “tools on your camera” – I use the app described in the show and other than that, I don’t really use any other tools. I import the pictures onto my Mac and then use Lightroom for them, but that’s not on the iPhone anymore.

  3. I meant apps on the iphone. The default photo app is ok but not more than that.
    Thanks anyway and thanks for a great show!

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