Seven Free Apple Watch Faces

watchfaces_splash2(click image for bigger version)

Donegal, Ireland with its stunning beauty and special light makes for some amazing photo opportunities that are easily among the very best on our planet. The wild landscapes and the sea provide plenty of things to see while there are almost no tourists. All you need is the right people to take you to the right places at the right time (*hint* *hint* I think I might know someone…)

Download seven free Apple Watch faces custom produced from some of the best Donegal photography by photographer Chris Marquardt.


  1. Download the files: save this zip file and extract it to your hard drive (right click, save as)
  2. On your Mac: Create a new album in the Photos app
  3. Drag the downloaded images into this album
  4. Like all the photos (e.g. click the heart icon on each of them), this will make them available on your Apple Watch
  5. Wait until iCloud photos has copied the images to your iPhone and Apple Watch (this might take a few minutes)
  6. On your Apple Watch: force touch the watch face, select the photo watch face and tap Customize, then choose the photo you’d like to see as a watch face. (requires watchOS 2)

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