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Podcasts are among today’s top media to advertise on. Not only are magazines on the decline with audiences who have developed a profound banner blindness. Podcasts excel in letting you target your audience like no other medium. Want to exclusively talk to photo enthusiasts? Photography Tips from the Top Floor fits the bill.

Podcasts are also the most intimate medium you can think of. Podcast audiences invest a lot of time to listen to their favorite podcasters talk about their favorite topics.

Photography Tips from the Top Floor sponsors:

TFTTF sponsors: zenfolio, squarespace,, KEH Camera, iRoam, Hiscox, Harry's, GraphicStock, fracture, Extrasensory Devices, Creative Live, audible, Animoto, Acronis

Tips from the Top Floor sponsors include: Zenfolio, Squarespace,, KEH Camera, iRoam, Hiscox, Harry’s, GraphicStock, fracture, Extrasensory Devices, Creative Live, audible, Animoto, Acronis, Hedge for Mac.

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Advertising on Photography Tips from the Top Floor will get you:

  • Razor sharp targeting – With a sponsorship on Tips from the Top Floor, you will reach a well educated community of photographers, both in the United States and world-wide. All traditional media suffer from enormous wastage. As a result you get your message only heard by a small fraction of the people you want to reach. A podcast will give you an almost 100% target rate.
  • Reach a sizeable audience – Please inquire about this show’s latest subscriber and listener numbers.
  • Strong bond – Podcasts are an extremely close medium with a strong bond between the host and the audience. Podcast audiences trust their podcast hosts.
  • No restrictions – Podcasters can promote your product in more creative ways than other media can, as they are not restricted by broadcasting bodies. This includes personal endorsements by the podcast host.
  • Better attention – Most people listen to podcasts all the way through and with a far much higher level of attention than on radio or other media. Calls to action are more likely to be acted upon.
  • Shownotes – Podcasts include show notes with direct links to advertisers or products.
  • Free production – Radio stations often charge for commercial production on top of the airtime that you’re paying for. Not so with a podcast. Having the podcast host read the ad comes at no additional production cost.
  • No de-listing – Once a podcast episode is online, it will usually stay online, to be discovered by new listeners even years after the episode was released, including your ads.

Advertise on Tips from the Top Floor starting at $150 per episode.

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