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Today Chris talks about flying cameras, drones. About the requirements to fly them, some of the tech, image stabilization, cameras and sensors, regulations, travel and especially about what to keep in mind from the creative side when doing remote controlled aerial videography and photography.

Photo by Antoine Beauvillain



  • Baum, an aerial video by Chris Marquardt [YouTube]

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tfttf635 – Interview: Jon Miller on Drones


Chris talks with videographer Jon Miller of The Rest of Everest about his latest tool to gather amazing footage: a quadrocopter that is capable of carrying motion-stabilized cameras and can fly at the high elevation of Mt. Everest Base Camp. In their discussion Chris and Jon touch on everything form the technology and how to get started with flying one of these for far below $1000, the legalities of commercial drone flying and about the potential for controversy that these flying cameras have with some people.

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