tfttf523 – A Lesser Photographer

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Photo: Martin Bailey

Chris talks to C.J. Chilvers, writer of “A Lesser Photographer: 10 Principles for Rediscovering What Matters”, a manifesto about creativity in photography.

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4 thoughts on “tfttf523 – A Lesser Photographer”

  1. That is the best news for me in 2011 as I followed the same path as CJ with very satisfactory results. Using the Canon sx 130 is with the chdk (RAW) abilety, and my photography have improved in bieng more creative not just focused on the “Brand” etc

  2. Great interview. I recently signed up at ALP (and TFTTF) and it was good to hear the themes of the manifesto being discussed and developed.

    Another suggestion for how to be a lesser photographer – go out with a 1GB card and no spares. I did this sort of by accident recently but found it a good discipline – no more taking dozens of speculative shots and three versions of the same thing.

  3. I learnt the basic photography rules from Mr. Kishore Mamillapalli who is one of the leading wildlife photographers from South Africa. He used to say that “Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder”. If you like what you see on your camera screen, or through the viewfinder, you will like the photograph.

    There are some basic photography rules for composition. Once you know these rules, you can use them, ignore them, or break them. Follow your gut, and you will end up with spectacular, sometimes breathtaking results. Kishore is really an astonishing wild life photographer and has a great eye for details..

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