tfttf531 – PMA and Snow Exposure

Today Chris will discuss some of the new cameras and things that have come out for PMA, such as the Nikon D4, Fuji X-Pro1, Canon G1 X, XQD cards and Lightroom 4 beta. Guest: Martin Bailey will talk with Chris about difficult exposures in snow.

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tfttf524 SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Snow Monkeys & Hokkaido Winter Wildlife Wonderland

Snow Monkeys 2010

Martin Bailey and Chris Marquardt are teaming up to bring you a series of amazing winter wildlife workshops in Japan! You have the chance to see and photograph the world famous snow monkeys, the red-crowned cranes of which there only a few hundred left in the world, sea eagles and much more, and all under the guidance of Martin Bailey, Chris Marquardt or even both together! In English and in German!

There are three tours planned around early February:

Tour #1: Jan 23rd-Feb 3rd, 2012 with Chris and Martin (in English)
Tour #2: Feb 6th-17th, 2012 with Chris (in German)
Tour #3: Feb 13th-24th 2012 with Martin (in English)

Tour #3 will take place for sure, tours #1 and #2 will only take place if there is enough interest. And TIME IS TICKING AWAY, we have extended the registration deadline to November 15th, 2012.

Time is of the essence!

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tfttf515 – Martin Bailey

screen-shot-2011-08-05-at-05-aug-223238Chris speaks with Martin Bailey, photographer in Japan. They discuss printing, portraiture and how to make a 2100 (yes, two thousand one hundred) millimeter lens and avoid camera shake from passing cars while shooting video of the moon.

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New Focus Ring Podcast Episode


It was about time! There’s a new Focus Ring episode #18 out over at the Photocast Network. This episode features Jeff Curto, Martin Bailey, Ibarionex Perello and yours truly, discussing one common topic: light and shadow. To do that each of us has brought two pictures that we review together.

» Check out Focus Ring episode #18 here

tfttf156 – Martin Bailey – Moonlighting

Guest host Martin Bailey discusses a strange coincidence, how what appears to be bad luck, is often a blessing in disguise, and some artistic and technical tips on shooting in the moonlight with a real-world example.

“Torii by Moonlight” (click image for larger version)

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