808 Wildlife, Models and New Zealand

The last piece of Chris’ new mirrorless studio camera puzzle is solved, the English translation for the wide-angle book has started, Daniel has a question on model releases, Chris will come to visit New Zealand and that’s not the biggest piece of news: Chris just received confirmation that he will co-host THE most amazing and very exclusive wildlife photo tour to witness the Great Migration in the Kenyan Masai Mara in a Hemmingway-style setting in August. And he can bring just a hand full of people to join in the photography. More on that about nine minutes into this episode.



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Why Pocket Chris Has to Go

Photo by Andrew Branch

Now that many of you are updating to iOS 11, you’ll notice that a few of your older apps don’t work anymore because they don’t support 64 bits. The Pocket Chris apps are among those.

It wasn’t an easy decision to let Pocket Chris go, but unfortunately a necessary one. Making Pocket Chris was a great exercise in which my brother Peter and developer Johannes did an amazing job, pulling their graphics and tech expertise together while making it a fun to play with app that at the same time was also a great little teaching tool for your pocket.

While for some apps the move from 32 to 64 bits is relatively easy and doesn’t require more than a recompile and new upload to Apple’s servers, that’s not the case for Pocket Chris. In fact we’d have to start pretty much from scratch. Not only doesn’t the app support any kind of auto layout, which nowadays is pretty much essential due to the variety of screen sizes, the assets (e.g. the images and screen elements) are too small for current display resolutions and would also have to be re-done.

While I’d love to get my hands dirty again and bring Pocket Chris up to the current standards, there is simply no business case for it. The cost to rewrite Pocket Chris would go into the thousands of Euros and the experience from the first versions and the sales figures that go with that makes it clear that most of that would have to come out of my own pocket. Pretty much the only way most app developers make money (or at least break even) these days is by either going freemium and have a compelling in-app-purchase model or by going with a subscription model. To execute any of those models well and right, I would have to make Pocket Chris my full-time job and give up other things in the process.

So I’m a bit sad that I have to say good bye to Pocket Chris, but at the same time I’m happy for the great experience that making Pocket Chris allowed me to gather.

PS: I’m certainly not out of ideas for future apps from the Top Floor universe.. so if you are an iOS developer, ping me if you’d like the opportunity to work with me for fame and glory (but unfortunately not a lot of money)

Featured Photo Tour: Donegal 2016

You might have been to Ireland, but have you seen Donegal? This landscape in the northwest of Ireland is a dream for every photographer. The light is soft and ever-changing, the people and culture are among the most inviting I’ve ever experienced and the spirit among photographers is wonderful.

Coming up September 4th 2016: a stunning landscape and seascape photography playground in Donegal. No hiking. Price from € 1499.


See Dunfanaghy, Horn Head’s Cliffs, Rosquile Peninsula, Boyeeghter Bay, Poisoned Glen, Dunlewy, Cara Na Mara, Bloody Foreland, Fanad Lighthouse.


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