916 12K to the Moon

Image style transfer, 12k motion picture scan, a different kind of photo bomb, the moon photo conspiracy and of course the new iPhone 14 with its new 48MP camera.


  • [AI, PHOTO] Stable Diffusion: image2image : Stable Diffusion has just added Image 2 Image functionality to their web interface. So you can drop in a crayon drawing and make it into a stunning photograph, just by giving SD a text prompt.
  • [PHOTO, ANALOG] 12k motion picture scan : A cutting-edge stroll down memory lane where we combine motion picture film (which is still used by many of the greats in Hollywood) with state-of-the-art 12k motion picture scanning in the lab. A great look behind the scenes.
  • [PHOTO, AI] : The iPhone 14 has been announced the other day, of course with updates to the cameras. The pro version will come with physically even bigger cameras, a larger 48MP sensor (all usable in ProRAW, otherwise pixel-binned to 12MP), a new 2x zoom mode that’s not digital zoom, but cropped from the sensor, better low-light performance, 24 fps for cinematic video, better anti shake, a new selfie-camera with autofocus and of course it’s filled with a ton of AI and neural processing.
  • [OTHER, NEWS] Photo Bomb : Don’t say the B word at an airport. Or, apparently, don’t bring a complicated-looking camera on an airplane. Here’s a weird story of a woman being convinced that a guy with a camera was in fact a terrorist, making the pilots do an emergency landing and leading to the photographer being detained for hours. He’s now suing.
  • [OTHER] S21 moon debunk : Remember the stories about the Galaxy S21’s 100x zoom that could take sharp images of the moon where other phones just produced a washed-out blog? Pretty soon the story emerged that Samsung used AI to detect the moon and replace it with better imagery. Well, someone went down the rabbit hole to figure out if that rumor was true.

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