Nepal Is Safe After The Quake

It is now over a month after the big Nepal earthquake and I have just returned from two days in Kathmandu.

Let me get this straight right away: whatever you think the current situation in Nepal is, you are probably wrong. Nepal is not one big pile of rubble. Rather the opposite. The country is safe to visit. The hotels and guest houses are open, most of the hiking trails in the mountains are just fine and if you had plans to go to Nepal, there is no reason to cancel them.

Yes, you will see broken buildings and chances are that for months the people and visitors of Kathmandu will hear pneumatic hammers as they tear down badly cracked houses. But the numbers are way smaller than I had expected after seeing the destruction as presented on the news.

Here’s my message after I had a first-hand look myself: normality abounds.

Kids go to school.

Kathmandu Education, Nepal Jun 2015
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