My Lightroom Workflow – pt. 3

lrwf3.jpgBack in 1970, Douglas Engelbart invented the computer mouse. Thanks to him (and a few others), most of us are now able to do things with our computers that would have seemed miraculous just years ago. The mouse lets us point at things on the computer screen, press virtual buttons, move virtual sliders, paint virtual things.

But only the effective combination of both, mouse and keyboard will take your Lightroom editing skills to the next level.

The good thing is that you’ll only need to remember 5 of those shortcut keys to help you blaze through your image editing and have your friends lower their eyes in your presence and address you as “Oh Great Lightroom Master” from now on.

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My Lightroom Workflow – pt. 2

cameracalib.jpgNow that Lightroom 2.2 has just been released, I thought it was a good idea to extend on my previous post where I talked about how I work with Lightroom on the import and image management side. Now it’s time to slightly dive into color and contrast management and how to get them right using the camera profiles that have just been delivered with the latest update.

Whenever I talk about Lightroom on my workshops, I inevitable get a question along the lines of: “When I import RAW pictures into Lightroom, they look great for a few seconds and all of a sudden, their preview switches to a much duller version. What’s happening here and how do I get them back to where I had them originally?”

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My Lightroom Workflow

lightroom2.jpgI used Adobe Lightroom when it was still in beta, I bought it when it came out and I recently updated to verison 2. I’m now on 2.1 and Lightroom is one of those things that I like to compare to the mouse wheel. Do you remember thinking “who needs that” when the first wheel mouse was introduced? And last time you used a mouse without a wheel, was it fun?

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