908 AI in Photography

AI is going to enrich our lives and at the same time it’ll pull the rug out from under some people’s legs. Let’s explore things.

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  • [PHOTO, AI] AI in Photography : What will the AI revolution do to your photography? Will it enrich your way to work or will it put you out of work?
  • [TOOL] Photopea : A surprisingly well-features browser-based photo editor.
  • [SPACE] Kineto Tracking Mount : Find out how SpaceX and others track their rockets in flight with 10,000 mm lenses.

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758 How dangerous is AI to professional photography?

Todd is trying to find ways to bend his lens, George wonders what it takes to make sure that his photos don’t get lost when he’s gone and Chris will try to find out if the new AI-powered camera RELONCH is a threat to professional photography. Hint: it isn’t just yet.