931 The Moon Cheat

A special episode with a special guest. Don Komarechka is back on the show. He and Chris discuss HP and their DRM, Samsung and their moon cheat and a German lawsuit involving a photo wallpaper. It’s also the week of the GPT-4 release and the two prove that they are geeks beyond photography.


  • [OTHER] HP OfficeJets Angered Users : HP just ratcheted up their DRM with new printer firmware for some OfficeJets. Some of them now require the presence of an HP chip in ink cartridges to print at all.
  • [SOCIETY] The Photo Wallpaper Case : A bizarre copyright case in Germany: a photographer licenses a photo to a photo wallpaper maker, a holiday home host advertises their property with a photo that includes the wallpaper in the background. The photographer sues her for copyright infringement and wins. (Article in German)
  • [AI, PHOTO] Moon Mode Magic : Tests seem to confirm that even artificially blurry fake moons shot taken with with their Galaxy S23 Ultra will still turn out as crisp and detailed moon photos under the right conditions, suggesting that there might some AI cheatery at play. Does Samsung just swap in pre-made moon photos?
  • [AI, PHOTO] : GPT4 is here and it’s scary good. In a demo, OpenAI showed that it can program (someone used it to make pong and breakout, each within 60 seconds), a demo showed image processing, based on a notebook scribble it created a web page with html, css, js and in many disciplines it outperforms other LLMs in benchmarks. What’s especially interesting is it’s soon-to-be-released image recognition abilities which will likely allow us to add automatic captions and descriptions to each and every photo, massively improving accessibility. Chris an Don discuss other potential uses of the new tech.

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895 Voices (Slice)

In today’s TFTTF Slice, Chris runs you through his daily routine while on a workshop. Chris also interviews his tour guide and some of the attendees of the Lake Baikal trip.

You’re listening to a slice of Photography Tips from the Top Floor. The shownotes are at https://tfttf.com/



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878 Don’t Matter Where You Go

Chris has a special guest on today’s episode. HP Kaggerud is in the house and while you might not have heard about him in the context of photography, chances are that as a TFTTF listener you have heard his music many times before. Chris and HP talk about life and creativity and how it all connects together in today’s internet-fueled culture.

Photo: HP Kaggerud