914 The Willingness to Lie

Chris is back from the Eastern Europe Photo Road Trip Scouting Tour (EEPRTST 😄) and if you haven’t watched his vlog about the tour, what are you waiting for?

Today’s episode includes the re-issue of 1 Hour 1000 Pics – Supercharge your Lightroom Workflow, some deep philosophical (and very meta) questions about deep fakes, a disruptor in the field of AI and a general look at what is now possible in computer vision.


  • [PHOTO] 1 Hour 1000 Pics (free download) : Just a quick heads-up: Chris’ ebook 1 Hour 1000 Pics – Supercharge your Lightroom Workflow (free download) is still around and can still help you organize a lot of photos quickly. Even in times of AI.
  • [NEWS] Mojo Lens – AR Right in Your Eye : An AR contact lens with a display, gyroscope and battery, all right in your eye. A few months ago, this looked like vaporware to me. Now Tested.com had their hands on an actual prototype.
  • [PHOTO] About the Willingness to Lie : Hat off to Randall Munroe, maker of the xkcd comics. In #2650 he not only touches on a deeply philosophical point regarding visual fakes, he also adds in several meta layers and a ton of nerd humor, right down to the Cottingley DeepFakes.
  • [AI] : Just a couple of weeks ago everyone was talking about DALL-E, but now Stable Diffusion has taken its place. Stability.ai have open-sourced their models, which are as good if not better than what DALL-E can produce. And yes, you can run all that on your own GPU at home now.
  • [OTHER, AI] Autonomous Drone Racing Using Cameras Only : The drone in this video repeats a parkour several times at break-neck (or break-propeller) speed. It doesn’t do that on a pre-programmed path though, it does this by using computer vision.

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Photo by Siarhei Horbach