912 The Locksmith’s Paradox

What do locksmiths have to do with photography? How about expoplanets? Find out on today’s episode.

(Episode artwork: DALL-E 2)


  • [TOOL] SD Recovery : An amazing look at the technology that is used in data recovery to read a broken SD card.
  • [SPACE, PHOTO] Finding Exo Planets : Finding exoplanets has everything to do with the tech that we have in our cameras. The methods used to find if a star millions or billions of light years away has a habitable planet orbiting around it, use camera sensors to measure differences in brightness, motion and to measure changes in the spectrum of light coming from that star. And it’s fascinating.
  • [PHOTO] The Locksmith’s Paradox : There’s this paradox in which your work gets valued less the more experience you have. You can see that in photography every day.
  • [PHOTO, AI] The Stock Problem : An article headline at a big publication is hardly ever chosen by the person who wrote the article, but by someone (or by an A.I.) who specializes on maximizing clicks. We see the same issue with stock photos that are served in social media posts.

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