921 Video Editing Game Changer

Chris’ main workstation is still out, but a replacement is getting closer, in form of a fan-less compact laptop that will outperform the previous iMac Pro by a decent margin. This is mainly possible thanks to your support!


  • [PHOTO] Flat Lenses Are Here : Flat lenses are finally becoming a reality. Just not in your camera. Metalenz received a big funding round and is already selling millions of cameras that have flat lenses. Chance are you will soon be using them without knowing about it.
  • [SPACE, PHOTO] Tree Rings In Space : JWST has made another spectacular finding. One that initially looks like something’s wrong with the telescope. Turns out it’s real and moving into space at the speed of 6 million miles per hour.
  • [AI, PHOTO] AI-Powered Homework, Good or Evil? : Students are using AI to write their papers. Of course they do. And teachers are getting worried that that will deprive them of the benefits of putting effort into homework. Are we facing a similar challenge in photography?
  • [PHOTO, AI] Video Editing Game Changer : If you edit video, you’ll know how difficult it can be to remove a background object in a clip. Or to clean up audio. Or to put someone in front of a new backdrop. Runway ML is about to change that. With an AI-powered video editor that runs in your browser and that some call a game changer.

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