838 Organic Photography

Shawn wonders if there is a sweet spot for scanning photos (probably not), and Jay is interested if it’s okay to use in-camera filters.

Photo by Franck V.

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821 Digitize It!

When Chris mentioned digitizing negatives using a camera on one of the last episodes, he received lots of feedback and questions. On this long awaited episode Chris finally goes into detail on how to ditch your scanner and start digitizing your negatives and slides using your camera and a cheap light table. Chris looks into the right gear from clamps to tripod heads and all the methods that will make you use this method in no time.



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Bruce has problems shooting in the forest and Chris has a few recommendations on how to tackle these kinds of photos. Elie is concerned with the resolution when scanning his medium format negatives and Chris does some simple math to find out that you could print them at billboard size. Sina proposes something that’s slightly counter-intuitive: fail more to become better at photography.

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