tfttf690 – Analog Is For Hipsters



Does a mirrorless full frame camera really save a lot of weight compared to a DSLR? Some manufacturers claim their cameras are half as heavy as their mirrored brethren. But how do things look when you take the weight of the lenses into account? Because here’s the secret: the size of the lens depends on the size of the sensor. So all things being the same, a full frame mirrorless camera will have the same size (and weight) lenses as a full frame DSLR.

An anonymous caller asks about photo organization.

Also: shooting on film is for hipsters, or is it? Some argue that shooting film presents you with tremendous learning opportunities. With opportunities that you can never have in the digital world, because you are too deep inside your comfort zone and learning is only possible at the edge. Some argue that that’s BS and that you should look forward and drop the ballast that is the past. Chris is in the first camp and he’s on the lookout for ways to emulate the analog learning experience for those who are in the latter camp.

Any suggestions on how to achieve that? Leave a comment.

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