932 You’ve Been Tricked!

Yes, they have been tricking you. Millions of albums sold that were produced with cheap plastic gear. Inconceivable! Also on today’s show: a few words on dpreview’s demise (and resurrection), some thoughts (and a request for feedback) on guilt, fear and frustrations in photography. Plus thoughts on CJ Chilvers’ latest post about the gear race in music. It’s delightful and fits right in with what I’ve been saying pretty much forever.


  • [NEWS] dpreview is shutting down : So, Amazon pulls the plug and shuts down dpreview on April 10th. But fear not, Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake already have a new home with Petapixel. Also the Internet Archive is working on backing up dpreview – so not all is lost. Dpreview has been a decades-long companion for us nerds. And while I rarely go there these days, I’m glad it won’t be completely gone. Whew, that was scary there for a second.
  • [PHOTO] : I have an episode in the works about Guilt, Fear and Frustration in photography. It’s not done yet, I’m still working on it, but I’d like to run a few of the key points by you and maybe get some inputs, some feedback. which you can leave at tfttf.com/hi
  • [PHOTO] They Tricked Us : Oh NOOOO, they tricked us into buying music that was produced with sub-par gear. I’m blatantly stealing CJ Chilvers’ post here. Long-time listeners might remember him from this very show. His post is about music, but it translates so well into photography. Worth a listen here and a read on his site. It’s the locksmith’s paradox all over again.

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The Date & Time On My Camera Don’t Matter

Okay, let me admit it right at the beginning:

I never set the clock on my camera.

There. I said it.

Daylight Saving Time Defused

Germany has just switched to daylight saving time and like Groundhog Day, there is yet again a flurry of Tweets, blog posts, Facebook posts and YouTube videos reminding you to set the clock in your camera. Twice a year. Again and again. Ad nauseum.

Add some travel into the mix and, unless your camera has a fancy GPS and sets its own time, the repeated clock setting starts to become a real chore.

But you know, to be honest, I’ve had the clock in my cameras set to the wrong time for over a year. Not because I’m lazy (well, okay, there’s a little bit of that) but also because I keep forgetting. I travel to a different time zone, I meet with other photographers, daylight saving time just descends upon me, I’m distracted, I simply forget to change the time and date on my cameras.
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